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This is the way we are

We never give up

Until you get to where you want to be, we’ll be on your team. We will no rest.

When we understand all your goals. The ones set in stone. And que ones that change as times goes by. Until you see than we’re proactive about both. Until then, we will not be satisfied.

Until you trust us and really know we think of all, that we will be when you need us, we will not give up.

Until you know you are not a name on the spreadsheet. Until you feel as connected to us as we do to you, we will not give up.

We will continue to listen to you, accepting your challenges. Because we are as brave as you. We like dreams come true, and that is why, at Bannister Global we never give up.

Asi somos en Bannister Global

Our team

Jerónimo Cabana

Director and Founder

Verónica Casas

Marketing Specialist

María Castedo

Marketing Specialist

Paula Castro de Ron

Marketing Strategy and Management

Cristina Fernández

Marketing Strategy

Mireia Fernández

Marketing Specialist

Patricia Gómez

Communication Strategy

Patricia Matilla

Design Specialist

Carlos Méndez

Marketing Specialist

Estefanía Muñiz

Design Specialist

Lorena Palleiro

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Sandra Pampín

Marketing Specialist

Víctor Ruido

Marketing Specialist

Luis Sanz

Web Specialist

María Verín

Design Specialist

Andrea Viaño

Marketing Specialist

A purpose

There are different ways to work, but we do it with a purpose: to help our clients achieve their goals. And do it with passion, because we love our job.

Our core values shapes a culture all the professionals of Bannister Global share

A Team in Motion